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Our Spring edition of Moi-Même is now available to buy in our shop.  We’ve had so much incredible feedback from our subscribers that we wanted to give you a little tour of the box and an insight into the inspiration behind it.

Although environmental issues have been talked about for many years now, 2018 seems to have brought a new sense of urgency to the situation. The news coverage of the unbelievable amount of plastic in our oceans has been heartbreaking to watch and was the main inspiration behind our latest theme.  We wanted to create a box that pays homage to our beautiful, precious planet and is filled with gifts that have come from, been inspired by or will help you care for our natural world.  Read on to find out more about why we chose the products and brands inside.


Chilly’s Bottle – 500 ml in various designs

Thanks to a suggestion from one of our subscribers, we came across Chilly’s bottles last year and now felt like the ideal time to include them in our boxes.  Chilly’s launched their reusable bottles in 2010 and, although we love that new brands are popping up every day to help combat the plastic problem, Chilly’s pretty designs and the quality of their products made them our first choice. With classic dark, matte colours, pretty pastels, rose gold and summery florals to choose from, we knew they had the breadth of designs to keep our many and varied subscribers happy.

Chillys Bottle Floral Wild Pink


Siskyn Skincare Rose & Neroli Day Facial Oil

You may have noticed that we have a strong preference for natural beauty products here at Moi-Même and obviously nothing less would do for the Nature Box.  Siskyn Skincare pride themselves on producing highly effective, 100% natural, ethical products that won’t harm us, future generations, animals or the environment.  Founded by Sarah and Emma, two sisters based in the Cornwall countryside, Siskyn Skincare’s products are made in small, fresh batches and contain a potent blend of natural ingredients that deliver results. 

Their Rose & Neroli Day Facial Oil has been a huge hit with our subscribers, many of whom have been wary of using oils in their skincare routines for fear of breakouts.  We’ve had lots of feedback about how Siskyn’s Facial Oil has left their skin soft and hydrated without any excess oiliness or dreaded spots!

Siskyn Skincare Rose & Neroli Day Facial Oil


Blonde and Stone Marble Coaster

A big part of our mission here at Moi-Même is to support new and independent brands.  Run by Lucy from a small studio in the Kent countryside, Blonde and Stone are less than a year old and create beautiful hand finished homeware products from the finest marble.  Marble has been everywhere over the last few years but popularity often comes with a decline in quality, which is why Blonde and Stone’s use of only the highest grade, real marble makes them stand out from the crowd. 

We included a single coaster in our Nature Box and have since added sets of four to our shop, along with beautiful tealight holders in a range of designs.

Blonde and Stone Marble Coaster


HOLISTICA Crystal Mist – ‘I Am Glowing’, ‘I Am Balanced’ or ‘I Am Nourished’

Another brand that uses all-natural ingredients, HOLISTICA is a range of natural beauty solutions designed to make your skin the very best it can be. Cold-pressed seed oils, healing floral waters and potent super foods create bottled plant magic that feeds skin at a cellular level. For that extra special boost, founder Becky carefully selects crystals to charge the blends with high vibrational frequencies, helping you to unlock the radiance and energetic glow of your skin.

We chose HOLISTICA’s Crystal Mists for the Nature Box as they’re such great multitaskers: use as a post-cleansing toner, a spritz to prime skin for HOLISTICA’s Elixir range, to set make up or as an afternoon pick-me-up to refresh your make up and complexion.  Available in three formulations to match your ‘skintentions’ for either glowing, balanced or nourished skin, we’ve had so many messages from subscribers to say they’re addicted to spritzing their mist!

Holistica Crystal Mist


MSH Scarf – various designs

When we decided that we wanted an accessory that was inspired by nature for our latest edition, we thought it would be a needle in a haystack job… until we discovered MSH.  Alongside other Moi-Même favourites like Katie Loxton, Lisa Angel and Portico Designs, you can find MSH scarves in independent shops across the UK.   Their soft, lightweight scarves come in a rainbow of colours and are embellished with everything from feathers and stars to butterflies and trees.  The Nature Box has 11 designs to choose from so there’s something for everyone! 

MSH Scarf Pale Blue Silver Feathers


Wildflower Favours Mixed Wildflower Seeds

We chose Wildflower Favours as the finishing touch for our Nature Box so you can do your little bit for the butterflies and bees with this mix of poppy, cornflower, corn marigold and corn chamomile seeds.  The team behind Wildflower Favours are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about the importance of wildflowers in maintaining biodiversity and helping the creatures that depend on them. We love how they’ve chosen weddings as the way to spread their message: think about how many wildflowers could be planted up and down the country if every guest received their own packet of seeds? 

Wildflower Favours Wildflower Seeds Moi Meme


We still have a few Nature Boxes left to buy in our shop but they’re selling out fast, so don’t delay!

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