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Meet the Brand: Becky Symes of HOLISTICA

If one of our Nature Boxes has landed on your doorstep then you’ll know how addictive HOLISTICA’s Crystal Mists are – we can’t stop spritzing here at Moi-Même! 

We had a chat with founder, Becky Symes, to found out all about the brand and Super High Vibe beauty.

What’s the story behind the brand? Why did you create it?

HOLISTICA was born out of both my life-long love of beauty, and my own dysfunctional relationship with my skin.

Growing up, I always had a passion for beauty and cosmetics, which was fuelled by my own feeling of needing to appear perfectly together at all times and placing these absurdly high expectations on my skin to do so.  It wasn’t until I began to explore the world of wellness that I began to connect with the body underneath.  When studying nutrition, I was fascinated to learn the way in which we quite literally build our body with the nutritional choices we make and was amazed that what we applied topically could have a such a dramatic effect on our health too.

At the same time, I realized that there was another dimension to the relationship we have with our skin.  Personally I struggled with problematic skin which was annoying but never anything severe.  But it was the harmful way that I treated myself at this time that was that much more problematic.  How harshly I judged myself, how I berated myself putting elements of my life on hold until it was clearer, and in a way refused to fully live my life.  It wasn’t until I worked at creating a more conscious relationship of self-acceptance that I realised how much we as women hide behind the myth of perfection and self-sabotage our fullest potential.

Our skin is so very unique and therefore the ways we choose to feed it need to be unique.  The products themselves are formulated blends of natural and organic plant magic, but the real skin healing comes in the ritual we create for ourselves.

Becky Symes HOLISTICA founder

What is Super High Vibe beauty?

High Vibe is the intersection of choosing “clean” skin-healing ingredients, and bringing pure intentional energy to your skin ritual.  This Super High Vibe approach extends from your skincare right through to the food you eat and the thoughts you give energy to.  It’s about bringing consciousness to all of your choices and honouring your body.

You talk a lot about skin rituals.  Why is this so important to the ethos behind HOLISTICA?

We live a life filled with monotonous tasks and step-by-step routines. And this is how we are taught to care for our skin too.

All of our products are hand-crafted with cold-pressed seed oils, healing floral waters and potent superfoods, and activated with the healing energy of crystals, but it is the ritual of connection that will activate your skin’s ability to heal.  This isn’t terribly complex.  It’s as simple as meeting yourself in the mirror and being mindful about your inner dialogue.  Creating a sacred skin ritual where you can recognise the ups of the day that you have gratitude for and forgive yourself for the things that were less than ideal.  Accepting the skin you see reflected and the person underneath it.  It is this combination of product and ritual that is designed to nourish your skin on a cellular level and feed your soul on a spiritual one. 

HOLISTICA Nourish Discovery Set


How do you “crystal charge” your products and why?

Crystals have the ability to send and receive light, the highest universal energy known.  They draw in this light energy, reflect it within their internal structure, and transmit it outwards.  This process is a pretty potent force which can be harnessed for physical and metaphysical healing.  Because skin wellness is such a priority for us, the decision to infuse this Super High Vibe healing into our plant powered products was an easy one.

On a practical level, the Elixirs and Treatment masks charge on slabs of Selenite Crystal, and the Mists actually have small Crystal chips continually charging the floral waters inside.

What’s next for HOLISTICA?

We’ve got pretty grand plans for HOLISTICA and are so excited for the rest of 2018 to unfold.  We’ve just launched enrolment for our Super High Vibe Skin Cleanse – a 28 day guide to holistic radiance with a toolkit of amazing wellness products to support! We also have a whole host of events in the pipeline, as well as a product launch too. 

HOLISTICA Glow Discovery Set

We’re big supporters of independent brands run by women here at Moi-Même: are there any female founders out there who you really admire?

One of the fundamental pillars of the HOLISITCA ethos is “to empower a collective of women supporting women”.  It is the absolute foundation for us – compassion and congratulation, over competition – always!

The Sakara Life girls – who have created the most beautiful clean-eating movement! For the personal health journeys that ignited their passion and for the empire that they have created from scratch.

Lauren Schulte – who designed and founded Flex, an alternative period product.  For her authenticity, persistence and devotion to changing the options available to women and in turn empowering them to love their bodies.

Audrey Gelman – who founded The Wing co-working spaces and social clubs in the US. For her breadth of vision and awe-inspiring commitment to making it happen, and in such an Instagrammable way too. 

What are your tips for carving out some me time and making sure you look after yourself?

1. Decide what is non-negotiable – prioritise what you need in order to stay nourished.

2. Claim the time and then fiercely protect it – schedule it in your planner, declare it to your loved ones, above all else honour it.

3. Do the best with what you have – whether it’s 5 minutes or 15 minutes, how can you get maximum reward with the time you have?

Above all else, I really believe that we can never love others fully until we love ourselves, and this extends to our self care.  Until we prioritise ourselves enough to keep our cups full, we can’t be in integrity and show up for others fully.
Thanks Becky, we couldn’t agree more with this!
If you want to try more HOLISTICA products, we’re now stocking the full range in our shop: Crystal Mists, Elixirs, Treatments and Discovery Sets, so you can try them all.

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